“Swift Current: As Endearing As It is Riveting.” – Next Projection


“Helping victims of sexual abuse come forward and open up about these crimes is just one part of Swift Current. What makes it a truly powerful film is the acknowledgement that this step is not the final one in the healing process.” – Toronto Film Scene

"Swift Current has exposed how sexual assault is carried throughout peoples' lives, and how Sheldon Kennedy turned his narrative on it's head. "– The Scope at Ryerson

"...Masterful...Gripping documentary about ex-NHLer Sheldon Kennedy offers hope to victims of abuse." – Montreal Gazette


"Impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion usually held by those who have never tested themselves in the face of adversity. This is Sheldon Kennedy." - Tom Renney -  President and CEO – Hockey Canada

"A gritty, gripping, triumphant story of overcoming sexual abuse by sheer force of will. Sheldon Kennedy and Swift Current will stir your soul and inspire you to action." - Peter MacKay – Former Federal Minister of Justice

"This film helps us connect the dots between the impact of child abuse, trauma and the potentially life long issues of mental health and addiction. Sheldon continues to be a catalyst for social change by creating a deeper understanding of child abuse and the actions needed to address this important issue. " - Laureen MacNeil - Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association Calgary Region


“Among the most powerful words I have heard spoken are those of Sheldon Kennedy, “Our kids are telling. We’re not acting.” Years ago, our society failed Sheldon through our public & private unwillingness to see what, in hindsight, was right before our eyes, and through our culture of secrecy and collusion in matters of sexual abuse. In a moment of what can only be defined as unprecedented courage, Sheldon Kennedy publicly spoke, breaking his silence… and ours. We failed Sheldon once;  We must not fail him again. Bringing voice to silence, justice to injustice, and restoration to what has been robbed is not Sheldon’s burden to carry alone. Our duty is to insist, with Sheldon and for Sheldon, that his tragedy become triumph. We will not fail him, or the thousands of kids & youth like him, again. “Swift Current” marks the beginning of our national movement to end sexual abuse. Today, we must insist on supporting Sheldon and all he stands for by watching this game-changing documentary… and insisting on the abolition of the ‘swift current’ Sheldon’s life exposes once and for all”. -  Her Worship, Mayor Tara Veer, City of Red Deer, 2015


"Swift Current" underscores the deep and lasting impact of childhood trauma, and the complex interplay between traumatic experiences, violence and substance abuse. This compelling documentary highlights the need for effective early intervention with affected children, and our societal responsibility to provide the necessary interventions, treatments and supports so they have every opportunity to grow into physically, emotionally and mentally healthy adults. Sheldon's story inspires bravery, hope and resiliency. In telling it, he shows all of us the ripple effects of childhood trauma and that long-term recovery from the disease of addiction and mental illness is both attainable and sustainable for Sheldon and many others who return to healthy, productive and meaningful lives.”- Rita Notarandrea, M.Sc, C.H.E. Chief Executive Officer Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse


“It is estimated that one in six boys is sexually abused before the age of 16. Many struggle to overcome the fear, stigma, shame, and isolation that abuse can cause, and as a result, many never reach out for help.  Kids Help Phone believes that Swift Current can help change that. Our research with teen boys indicates that they respond best to stories of real-life experiences, as they want to learn how their peers and other trusted adults who have gone through a situation similar to them have coped, overcome and survived.  We hope that this film helps more people of all ages to find the courage to come forward and find the support they need.” - Sharon Wood - President and CEO of Kids Help Phone


"This documentary film is a bright light on a societal problem that has been kept in the quiet room for far too long.  Josh Rofe’s film captures the fear, pain and confusion that Sheldon Kennedy and other sexual abuse victims face, not only at the time of the abuse, but for many years into their adulthood.  It also teaches us all that there is hope on the other side of all the pain and that education is the key to prevention…and prevention is the key to stopping the cycle of abuse. " - Jeff Jackson – Former NHL’er and Partner - Orr Hockey Group


"Sheldon’s story has changed Canada for the better forever.  His raw bravery in coming out, turning his life around slowly, painfully sharing how much effort it takes to overcome the scars of abuse is inspiring.  He embodies the fragility of life and the triumph of the human spirit.  We need to keep this difficult conversation alive to protect our children.  We need to continue to equip ourselves to protect against this life devastating threat.  Swift Current describes a journey that all Canadians should understand." - Lorraine Lafrenière – CEO - Coaching Association of Canada